Trouble Bars In The Neighborhood

We, Ganthers Place residents, are writing and signing a petition to either CLOSE or STRICTLY MONITOR two trouble spots in our area.  These two bars are located at the corner of Parsons and Whittier.  One sits on Whittier and the other on Parsons.  We are absolutely tired of all the criminal element that is attracted to these places.  There are numerous calls and police runs, prostitution, drugs, public indecency, trash, loud music, their customers urinate in the parking lot and on the residents homes and lawns, fighting and gun shots are an everyday event at these two locations.  

We, as a neighborhood, are feed up with the blatant disrespect that the criminal element is imposing on the hard working people in our neighborhood.  We have spoken to the owners of these bars and they have supplied no reply nor remedy to the horrible situations that have been going on for years.

We would like to vote them DRY!!! 

I have not listed the names and addresses of the two bars, as I don’t know that I am allowed to do that by law.  If you would like more information please contact one of the group members or send us and email in reply to this post and one of the three contact people will call or email you back.  Thanks for your time.


One Response to “Trouble Bars In The Neighborhood”

  1. Please start watching upstairs part of 972 Parsons Ave.. That place is crawling with druggies. How do I know? They all deal in my area.

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