DeVante’ Sherwood

•May 18, 2010 • Leave a Comment

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We are VERY PROUD to call DeVante’ Sherwood a resident of Ganther’s Place…He not only excells in sports but academically too.  DeVante’ will graduate in June 2010 with HONORS from South High School.  DeVante’s parents, Stephanie Sherwood (mother) and Preston Rogers (step father) are VERY PROUD to announce that DeVante’ will continue his eduation in the fall.  DeVante’ has maintained a 3.8 or better in High School, plays football, runs track and also maintains a part time job at a local Krogers Grocery Store.  Thanks DeVante’ for being a GREAT ROLE MODEL for the children in Ganther’s Place and the entire City of Columbus, You are on the path to GREATNESS!


Welcome to the New Year

•January 17, 2010 • Leave a Comment

We, here in Ganther’s Place, would like to wish everyone a Happy Year in 2010…We are off to a great start this year and hopefully we can keep up the pace.  We would like to make an announcement to our SSCAN area…we have a new representative to our area on the SSAC, David Martin of Edgewood Civic is now our new rep.  We are pleased to have someone on our side that will take a stand against NEGATIVE actions and comments to our residents.  We hope all the best for Dave in his new term as a South Side Area Commissioner!