This is what we are talking about when we say that we are tired of the ABSENTEE landlord/owners.  These are pictures of a house on Siebert Street that has been vacant for more than 4 years.  The residents that live beside and across from this home are tired of the rodents, gangs, vandals, weeds, poison, etc…  The residents took it upon themselves to buy weed and poison killer to eliminate as much as possible.  Not only is the front bad but the entire back yard is so overgrown that you can not even enter it.  The weeds are topping 6 foot tall!!!!

This is absolutely rediculous, the vandals and theives have had their way with the home and now it is a place for illegal activity by children as well as squatters.  We are tired of this and we want it to stop!!!!


One Response to “THIS IS AWEFUL!!!!”

  1. […] blogging project Ganther’s Place. People who live in the neighbourhood were using the blog to name and shame absentee landlords. They also mentioned how the blog was helping to gain the attention of traditional media to cover […]

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